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Home Depot Foundation Construction Project

October 3rd-5th, 2019

The Home Depot Foundation construction project for Ken Williams begins on September 26th!  

The HD Foundation is providing a grant to cover the cost of materials; they just need volunteer labor to assist in completing the project.  

No technical skills required.  Just show up, pitch in and provide a few hours of your time to help complete the project.  
They usually start about 9:00 AM each morning.  Lunch will be provided.

Most of the work is indoors-- moving furniture, ripping up old carpet, painting, replacing window coverings, etc. 


Anyone that plans on being there, please contact Don Lehman (404-441-3882 or and he will pass your info along to HD.  Also, please pass onto anyone else who may be willing to help; this is a community project!  

Project Location Address:
629 Center Place SW

Birmingham, AL 35211


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