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15540 Walden Pond Rd

Brookwood, Alabama

1. Bring your own firearm or shoot a fellow Brute's firearm. Jason and James Alexander don't have a problem sharing, and they're sure other brutes feel the same. 
2. Available firearms to shoot:  AR-15, SR762, AK47, AK 74, M1A, Browning 1919, MP40, Glock 19,17,21, S&W 44 mag. RPK. If there is a member that wants to shoot but doesn't have a firearm, James can handle it, and the list above is just what he can bring, not including what other Brutes might have available.                     

3. We will have some shooting games, including slow fire, rapid fire, best of ten, best of three, rifle and handgun. Please send recommendations to James Alexander ( or to a detachment officer.          

4. There will be prizes!                 

5. And food!                                         

6.  The bottom line objective:  to bring the members of the detachment together in a relaxed environment to get to know one another.  No business. Just quality time spent with fellow Brutes...and all the wisecracks and bullshitting that come with camaraderie!             

To register your interest in attending or helping to organize the shooting event, please click the appropriate button below to send an email to the event organizer and fellow Brute James Alexander. 

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